How To Dry Out Drywall After Water Damage Has Occurred

Walls and ceilings of most homes are made of drywall. Drywall becomes stained and discolored once it gets wet. Water damage can devastate the drywall most of the time. Soon you will find the paint and wallpaper starting to bubble. Depending on the extent of the damage, the drywall can completely crack or crumble. You should take immediate action to dry out the drywall soon after water damage has occurred. If not, mold and mildew will thrive in wet conditions.


Here Are Effective Do-It-Yourself Tips On How To Dry Out Drywall After Water Damage Has Occurred…

  1. Find the water source
  2. Extract the standing water
  3. Use a wet or dry vacuum
  4. Remove damaged materials


Find The Water Source

The first thing is to locate and resolve the source of water damage. For a burst pipe or any other plumbing issue, you should turn off the supply line and repair the pipe. If the water is due to floods, you should wait until the water recedes to begin the repairs.


Extract The Standing Water

Once the flow of water recedes, extract the water as quickly as possible to limit the water damage to the drywall. Use towels to soak up the water near the drywall and a water pump to extract the water. The more time you take to extract the water, the greater the damage to the drywall.


Use A Wet Or Dry Vacuum

Once you have removed the bulk of the water, use a wet or dry vacuum to extract the remaining water. work in sections to vacuum the entire area until no more water comes out. You need to empty the vacuum on a regular basis for the best efficiency.


Remove Damaged Materials

Once you vacuum the area and get rid of the last drops of water near the drywall, check out for damaged materials. If part of the drywall is sagging, cracked or crumbling, it’s best to remove it.


Dry The Water Damaged Walls

The final step is to dry the area to prevent further damage and mold growth. You can use blowers and dehumidifiers for this purpose. Pedestal or table fans will also work to dry the area.


Professional Water Damage Cleanup Services

Drywall water damage restoration is best left for the professionals. You shouldn’t take it lightly since it takes experience and skills to restore a water damaged drywall. A professional water damage restoration service, such as Bright Home Construction, can assist you to dry out and repair a water damaged drywall within no time. Call a professional water damage restoration company to restore your drywall.

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