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Bright Home Construction of Tempe provides homeowners with Reconstruction Service, Damage Remediation, Emergency Water Extraction, Dry Out & Property Repair.

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    Bright Home Construction prides itself on providing 24 hour emergency flood cleanup, water extraction, and dry out, and water damage restoration services all year round, including holidays.

    Our services are available throughout the week, both day and night, because we know that when it comes to limiting the damage caused by water, getting started right away can make a big difference in the scope of the work needed to be done.

    Once we start working for you our experts will guide you on the steps to be followed throughout the cleanup and restoration process. This will guarantee that your property returns to its original condition.

    Residential And Commercial Water And Flood Damage
    Cleanup Services

    As mentioned above, prompt response is required in the event you notice water damage in your home or business. Electrical hazards can occur as a result of excess water. In addition, costly damages to your property’s furnishings and structures can also be incurred. Finally, wet surfaces provide conditions for the growth of hazardous mold.

    Our restoration experts have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the assessment and cleanup of water damage. In addition, we us the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure we return your office or home back to the way it was before the water damage occurred.

    Mold Removal And Remediation

    As mentioned above, if you have water damage that is not cleaned up properly, or quickly, it will lead to the growth of mold.

    Mold can be deadly and dangerous if it exists within your home or business. The proper removal of mold and treatment of your property thereafter ensures that mold does not return.

    At Bright Home Construction our #1 goal is to protect your property from the long-term damage that mold can cause if not addressed immediately and effectively. Every effort will be taken to ensure that this dangerous microbe does not flourish within your property.

    Insurance Claims Estimations And Consulting

    Reaching out to an adjuster to quickly provide an evaluation of the damages is a critical step to ensure that the entire cost of the loss you’ve incurred is met by your insurance company.

    Homeowners, business owners, attorneys, insurance companies, public adjusters or contractors can get help from us during the preparation of support concerning insurance claims for property damage restoration. The provision of an insurance claim estimate that’s comprehensive can be provided by our experts. A complete and in-depth property inspection will be done. This includes photos and damage sketches as well as the extent of the claim damages.

    Our Reconstruction Services - Commercial And Residential Contractors

    For full range damage cleanup and restoration services on your property, Bright Home Construction is properly equipped and experienced to deliver exceptional results.

    We can rebuild damaged structures. Salvaging of your property’s structure plus its contents is an important priority to us.

    Who We Are & Service Area

    For prompt repair or restoration jobs that are done safely and correctly, homeowners, real estate professionals, as well as facility and property managers can count on Bright Home Construction. To prioritize your interests in a claim, we can even directly deal with your insurance adjuster.

    We service all of the Phoenix Metro area, including Tempe. Both you and your property are covered by our repair experts and restoration services from the East Valley to the West Valley.

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