Protect Your Property From Water Damage!

Water damage is quite disastrous and disruptive. Even a small amount of water damage can cause microbial or mold contamination which potentially harms the people living there. Many home and business owners need to spend a lot of money on water damage restoration if it isn’t resolved in time. And that’s why to save your structure, time, and money, try water damage mitigation.

At Bright Home Construction, we provide emergency water extraction, and damage restoration services in Phoenix, Scottdale, East Valley, and West Valley. Whether you need water cleanup, extraction, dry out or mold remediation, our expert and certified technicians will respond in 30 minutes anywhere in East or West Valley.


Water Damage Mitigation Is The Best Option To Choose:

Drying and structural dehumidification is recommended options for your home and business. This utilizes both air movement and dehumidification to extract water. This drying process typically takes a week at best. So you can save your structure from direct or indirect damages by acting promptly. Our technicians at Bright Home Construction will work hard and bring your structure to a ‘pre-loss condition’.

Some companies replace the drywall which can cause problems. But we simply get you back to pre-loss condition with dry-out & minor repairs. You can save money, time, and a lot of stress just by choosing water damage mitigation/dry-out. So consult us at Bright Home Construction and take our free damage assessment to choose what’s best for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between water damage mitigation and restoration.


Water Damage Mitigation Vs Restoration:

Water damage mitigation removes affected structures to rebuild them or dry them out. This prevents damage like structural weakening & mold growth. But water damage restoration services will repair & rebuild the damaged part. They will work after the initial spread of the water damage.


Water Damage Mitigation Is Less Time Consuming:

Water damage mitigation is an emergency service. We know its importance and our skilled workers at Bright Home Construction will mitigate your property in time. On the other hand, restoration takes place after the damage is mitigated. This case gets worse when you call two separate companies to perform these jobs.


Water Damage Mitigation Vs Restoration: Which Is More Cost-Effective?

The price depends on various factors. For example, low-risk clean water or destruction from a dishwasher is less expensive. But unsanitary black water, a  massive flood is pricier. Also, mold growth has a high cleanup price. Accessibility to the damaged area is another concern. As we all know prevention is better than cure so water damage mitigation will save you a fortune.

So whenever you are facing water damages call Tempe, AZ’s, most trusted Bright Home Construction.


Disaster Services In Tempe, AZ:

The debate of mitigation vs restoration comes to an end when you realize that mitigation paves the way for restoration. Mitigation reduces the disaster damages and restoration returns your property to normal. So both are required as we move forward.

If you are in Tempe, AZ, and suffered from disaster damage, contact Bright Home Construction: Restoration Company. We can return your home or business to your previous state quickly. Bright home construction provides you the best emergency cleaning and restoration services. And we are here at Tempe, AZ  for 24/7 – including holidays!


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Final Thought:

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